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Residential apartments in Financial District – Renting an Apartment in Hyderabad

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Hyderabad, often regarded as a cosmopolitan and tech-savvy city, has seen rapid development in recent years. However, when contemplating a move to a new city, it is essential to take the cost of living into consideration. Fortunately, living expenses in Hyderabad are lower in comparison to other major Indian cities. The cost of living index for Hyderabad stands at 25.25, which is impressively 10.13% lower than Bengaluru. Numerous individuals consistently seek residential apartments in the Financial District due to its prime location. Our guide aims to assist you in gaining a better understanding of the available residential options in the city like Avante | Luxury 3 BHK Residential Apartments in Kokapet | Poulomi.

Cost of Renting a House in Hyderabad:

When considering the cost of living in Hyderabad, one crucial factor to examine is the expense of renting a house. Fortunately, Hyderabad offers more affordable home rentals compared to other renowned IT hubs such as Bangalore and Pune. While individual living costs can vary, the location of your residence can significantly impact your monthly budget and overall lifestyle.

It is noteworthy that IT companies in Hyderabad are primarily concentrated in areas like HITECH City, Gachibowli, and Nanakramguda, spanning approximately a 10-kilometre radius. The advantage of this concentrated area is that most destinations are easily accessible within a moderate commute time of 30-45 minutes. To streamline your daily commute and reduce travel-related stress, it is advisable to consider residential apartments in the Financial District or within a 5-kilometre radius of these IT hubs.

By selecting a residence close to your workplace, you can significantly cut down on commute time and effort, allowing you to allocate more time for personal pursuits and escapades.

When exploring house rental options in Hyderabad, it is essential to factor in your budget, preferences, and lifestyle requirements. By carefully considering these aspects, you can find a suitable and affordable house rental that meets your needs, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable stay in the vibrant city of Hyderabad.

  • Central Zone:

Central Hyderabad’s Central Zone is a bustling area that houses major government and administrative offices. It encompasses popular localities such as King Kothi, Abids, Banjara Hills, Jubilee Hills, Ameerpet, and Mehdipatnam. As one of the upscale neighbourhoods in the city, it boasts excellent restaurants and pubs.

When it comes to renting a 1BHK apartment in this zone, the price range typically falls between 12,000 to 17,000 rupees. However, it’s advisable to steer clear of expensive areas like Hill Fort Road, Birla Mandir, Basheerbagh, Banjara Hills, and Jubilee Hills. If you must consider these locations, Mehdipatnam, Vijay Nagar Colony, Red Hills, and Old MLA Quarters offer more reasonable rental options.

In summary, Central Hyderabad’s Central Zone is a vibrant area known for its government establishments and thriving urban life. Although some places may have higher price tags, there are still affordable alternatives available.

  • South Zone:

South Hyderabad, also known as Purana Shahar or the Old City, is a fascinating area that houses the iconic Charminar and offers a mix of historical charm and traditional city vibes. This zone is also home to the prominent Hyderabad International Airport, which makes it convenient for travellers. While certain parts of the area may still be developing, it has experienced substantial growth recently, thanks to its accessibility to the airport and PVNR expressway. If you’re considering settling down in South Hyderabad, Mehdipatnam, Attapur, Shamshabad, and Budvel are recommended options to explore for finding a suitable home.

  • North Zone:

The North Zone of Hyderabad is a highly sought-after area that includes well-known localities like Begumpet, Kompally, and the twin city of Secunderabad. Secunderabad, in particular, is a great choice for those working in the area due to its excellent transport connectivity through local buses, MMTS, and the metro line. Compared to the South Zone, the North Zone is known for its organization and cleanliness.

While areas like Kompally are renowned for their upscale neighbourhoods, there are still affordable housing options available in places like Bowenpally, Trimulgherry, Malkajgiri, and Alwal. So, if you’re looking to rent a 1BHK apartment in the North Zone, the rental trend falls within the range of 8,000 to 13,000 rupees.

  • West Zone:

The western zone of Hyderabad, also known as Cyberabad, is the hub of the IT industry and has seen rapid development and expansion. Popular localities like Gachibowli, Raidurgam, Tolichowki, Madhapur, and HITECH City are located here. It is a bustling area with higher living costs and rental prices. However, there are still affordable options available in places like Madhapur, Kothaguda, Shaikpet, and Khajaguda for those seeking a more budget-friendly apartment. The rental trend for a 1BHK in the West Zone ranges from 10,000 to 15,000 rupees. You can also look to invest in great properties like Avante | Luxury 3 BHK Residential Apartments in Kokapet | Poulomi if you wish to buy and not rent.

  • East Zone:

The East Zone of Hyderabad is recognized for its numerous educational institutions and is experiencing rapid development. While this area is well-connected by the metro, it does face water scarcity challenges, which are common in metropolitan cities. If you’re searching for a suitable home in the East Zone, Alkapuri Colony, Kothapet, Habsiguda, and Uppal are recommended options to explore. When it comes to rental trends for a 1BHK apartment in this zone, prices typically range from 5,000 to 11,000 rupees.

Inspect the apartment properly:

Renting a house in Hyderabad is generally more affordable compared to other IT hubs like Bangalore and Pune. The average cost of living in Hyderabad varies from person to person, but the location of your house will significantly impact your monthly budget. IT companies are primarily located in areas like HITECH City, Gachibowli, and Nanakramguda, within a 10 km radius. Many individuals are eager to find residential apartments in the Financial District due to their coveted status. Most places in Hyderabad can be reached within a commute time of 30-45 minutes. It’s recommended to find a house within 5 km to reduce commute time and effort.

Important Points to Consider in Your Rental Agreement:

When it comes to signing the lease on your apartment, it’s crucial to carefully review the rental agreement to avoid any unpleasant surprises or hidden charges from your landlord. Take the time to thoroughly examine the document, paying close attention to key clauses such as the rent clause, incremental rent clause (if applicable), repair and damages provisions, maintenance fees, and any additional charges.

It is essential to scrutinize the rental agreement for specific details. Look for clauses that outline rules on pet policies, subletting, and any restrictions or limitations that may affect your living arrangements. By thoroughly understanding the terms and conditions laid out in the agreement, you can ensure a smooth and stress-free rental experience.

If you come across any unclear or ambiguous sections in the agreement, don’t hesitate to seek clarification from the owner or landlord. It is essential to have a clear understanding of all the terms and obligations before signing on the dotted line.

Remember, your rental agreement serves as a legally binding contract, protecting both you and the landlord. By carefully reviewing and addressing any concerns, you can protect yourself from potential issues and ensure a positive and transparent rental relationship.

Understanding Society Rules and Guidelines:

In order to create a peaceful and harmonious residential environment, societies often have specific rules and conditions in place. These guidelines are designed to ensure a stress-free living experience for all residents. It’s important to familiarize yourself with these rules before moving into a new society.

Some societies may have conservative policies regarding late-night parties, pet ownership, playing loud music, or having frequent visitors. It’s crucial to clarify any doubts or questions you may have regarding these guidelines. You can refer to the resident’s manual provided by the society or simply reach out to your landlord for more information.

By adhering to society’s rules and regulations, you contribute to maintaining a respectful and enjoyable living environment for everyone. Understanding and respecting these guidelines from the start will help avoid conflicts or misunderstandings with neighbours and society’s management. Thanks to the emergence of new IT parks, numerous upcoming societies are making it effortless to discover residential apartments in the Financial District.

Now, its time to decide between furnished and unfurnished:

Finding an affordable, fully furnished flat that aligns with your budget and satisfies all your requirements can be quite a daunting task. It is essential to avoid incurring additional expenses that may strain your financial resources. However, there are several ways you can personalize your home without adding a significant burden to your wallet.


Now that you have reached the final stage of the house-hunting process, it’s time to take a moment to relax and recharge. Remember to maintain a positive mindset as you continue your search for the perfect home. Hyderabad, being one of the most diverse and desirable cities to live in India, will always warmly embrace you.

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